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Red Crucible Firestorm

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Red Crucible Firestorm

Red Crucible Firestorm is an online Multiplayer first person shooter, designed for both infantry and vehicle combat. Play with up to 20 players with modern weapons and vehicles. Combat including Tanks, Helicopters, Jets and more. More than 15 Consumables including Airstikes, Molotovs, Claymore’s, Miniguns, and Boosts. Move – W, A, S, D
Look – Mouse/Trackpad
Crouch – C
Run – Shift/Q
Jump – Space
Fire – Left click
Aim/Zoom – F/Right-click
Camera mode – V
Reload – R
Operate – E
Throw/Deploy – G

Switch Weapon – Number keys 1-3
Inventory items – Number keys 7-9
Speak – Alt + Number keys 0-9

Secondary Fire – Right-click or space

Fly – Space
Land – C

Menu – M
Inventory – I
Game Stats – Tab
Chat – Enter/Return
Team Chat – T

While in chat mode:,
Up/Down Arrow – Scoll chat
Left/Right Arrow – Change chat mode (all, team, friends)

Red Crucible Firestorm Screen Shots

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